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Steve Jobs photo outtakes, 1984


Norman Seeff, known for his celebrity photography, shared with Retronaut some outtakes from a 1984 photo shoot with Steve Jobs and the Macintosh design team. The photo shoot produced the iconic photo of Steve Jobs holding a Mac on his lap, which landed on the cover of Time Magazine and the book jacket of Walter Isaacson's biography.

These newly released shots show a casual Steve Jobs at home and in his office. Seeff describes the events surrounding each photo, and it seems this project was a gathering of good friends, instead of a formal photo shoot. Instead of portraying Jobs as a demanding leader, Seeff's photos present a personable side of the young Steve Jobs.

You can view the photo collection at Retronaut's website. If you want to find out more about the 1984 photo shoot, you can also read an earlier interview in which Ray Basile of iPhone Savior talks to Seeff at length about his time photographing Apple.

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