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New iPhones? How about the TUAW crew?

Mel Martin

Many of our readers are asking themselves if they should spring for the iPhone 5. Early reports look like it's flying off the shelves.

I asked my colleagues if they plan to buy an iPhone 5. You might think, MacHeads that we are, that we'd all be buying. Not necessarily so.

Kelly Guimont: I'd like to, but house buying means all my pennies go in that jar. Also, at a minimum I'm not going to pre-order because I want to pick one up and hold it to see how it is. I'm thinking I might pick up a 32 GB 4S (my 4 is 16 GB) outright so I can "upgrade" and try to get on the "evolution" upgrade path instead of the "revolution" upgrade path. I love my 4, I just want a nicer camera so I don't feel so much like I have to carry my point/shoot for "real" pictures.

Mike Rose: No specific plans yet (work phone) but may upgrade wife's 4 to hand it down.

Michael Grothaus: I'm getting one as soon as the unlocked ones go one sale.

Kelly Hodgkins: Well, I'm on the "not getting an iPhone 5 bandwagon" now, but that may change. I have an iPhone 4S on Verizon and am perfectly happy with the phone. I'm not eligible for an upgrade, and the jump in specs is not enough for me to want to pay full retail price for the phone. This is all subject to change as my husband is getting an iPhone 5. We've pre-ordered and it's scheduled for delivery on the 21st. Just in case I see the iPhone 5 and fall in love with it, I have reserved a price at Gazelle for my iPhone 4S. If I change my mind, I can always sell the iPhone 4S and buy the iPhone 5 at the end of the month. I'm excited to see what happens when the iPhone 5 arrives on our doorstep next week.

Michael Jones: I'll be getting an iPhone 5, but likely will wait until next month. My theory is that AT&T's habit of letting you upgrade every year hasn't kicked in for everyone pre-ordering because the 4S was released in October, not in September -- it hasn't been a year yet. So I'll wait, because even if I don't get a discount, it'll be easier to get one in a few weeks.

Megan Lavey-Heaton: No, I'm not getting an iPhone 5. I have a perfectly good iPhone 4S that I haven't even had for a year yet. I've got full AppleCare on it until November 2013, and I'm not up for contract renewal until July 2013. The 4S is nowhere near obsolete. You're going to have a far easier time finding accessories and the like for the older-style dock connectors while the industry catches up with Lightning. The improvements this go-around are in the software, and unlike previous hardware upgrades, the 4S will do everything in iOS 6 that the 5 does. I'm not going to miss out on any features. If I had an earlier iPhone, I think the 5 would be worth it, especially if you have a 3GS. But 4S to 5 for me is like going from an iPad 2 to a new iPad. Not enough of an upgrade to make it worth it.

Dave Caolo: I'm not getting one. My contract isn't up until July 2013 and I don't want to pay $500 for a 16 GB iPhone.

TJ Luoma: I have the 4S and am keeping it. Since the original iPhone I have kept to an "every other" schedule, mostly because they came with two-year contracts. However I have also seen that the 3GS and the 4S had significant improvements and refinements over the previous version. The new form factor is nice, but I don't really feel the need for a bigger iPhone. I like the 4S. While the iPhone 5 will no doubt be great, I'll sit back and enjoy knowing that next year I can upgrade on day one, and I'll benefit from everything Apple learned about the 5 from a year of "real world" testing.

Chris Rawson I have an iPhone 4S, 64 GB. Assuming my carrier doesn't try to stand in my way, I'll be paying full price -- probably NZ$1500 -- for the 64 GB iPhone 5 on launch day here in New Zealand. I'm buying the iPhone 5 primarily because SHINY NEW, but I also have a halfway decent excuse other than "I want it." At my day job, we're going to be beta testing responsive design across our website later this year, and the iPhone 5 is one more resolution to test against.

Victor Agreda, Jr.: I pre-ordered a black 32 GB model from Apple because they painted the silver metal black in this model.

Mike Schramm: Bought one last night. 16 GB black. The sleep button on my iPhone 4 broke, and I want Siri and a faster one for gaming anyway.

How about me? I'm holding on to my iPhone 4S. AT&T is giving me no incentive to buy, and with Verizon and Sprint telling us no simultaneous voice and data, switching is out of the question. iOS 6 gives me new maps, panoramas, do not disturb and a host of other features. Plus I won't have to buy a load of new cables and adapters. I've got a price on my 4S from Gazelle if I get weak, but I'm planning to hold fast. Dear readers, are you on the fence, or jumping over it? Standing pat? Let us know, and why you feel the way you do in the comments.

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