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Canon PowerShot SX500 IS hands-on

Brian Heater

Announced -- and subsequently unveiled -- alongside the PowerShot SX160 IS, Canon's PowerShot SX500 IS is the pricier of the two superzooms, clocking in at around $100 more than the lower-end point-and-shoot. And certainly the camera feels a bit sturdier than the more plastickey model, with a black body and protruding lens that resemble higher-end mirrorless models. Along the top you get the retractable flash, a large On / Off button, function wheel and access to that 16x optical zoom.

As with the SX160, the back features a three-inch LCD, to the left of Record, Display, Play and settings like Macro, Flash and ISO. Aside from simply feeling more solid that the cheaper model, the SX500 also offers up features like Zoom Framing Assist, which can be accessed via a devoted button on the front of the camera, letting you zoom out to help find your shooting subject -- a function it performs quite quickly. Like the SX160, the SX500 is hitting this month, though it'll carry a somewhat loftier $330 price tag.

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