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PressurePen goes up for pre-order, is expected to ship in November


With its recent Kickstarter success now in the history books, it's time for that open-sourced PressurePen to offer its stylus services to folks who missed out on the crowd-funded party. Luckily for those people, though, the pressure-sensitive instrument is now available for pre-order straight from the creator's site, so they, too, can snag one for themselves. The PressurePen starts off at a not-too-shabby $30 for the "kit" only, which doesn't include the plastic shell but is perfect for savvy tinkerers; meanwhile, the PressurePen with Stylus bundle costs $60, or $20 more if you'd like two additional tips. Units are expected to start shipping at some point in November, but better hurry as the company's saying there are only "a limited number available at this price."

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