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Some see iPhone queue as marketing opportunity


Most of us sit in line to get an iPhone for our personal use, but some see the iPhone launch frenzy as a way to grab some free exposure or make some extra cash. A report by Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Apple 2.0, profiles some of the early line-waiters who are using the opportunity to promote their website or raise some money for cancer research in the UK.

Sitting outside New York City's iconic Fifth Avenue store are seven early birds who are braving the elements for more than five days. The first two are there to promote Vibe, their new mobile, social sharing service, while the other five are staying in the line thanks to Gazelle. The electronics recycler is buying these folks a new iPhone 5 and equipping them with Gazelle-branded gear while they wait. Not too shabby of a deal, if you have the time and fortitude to park yourself on a sidewalk for five straight days.

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