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Vellamo benchmark adds CPU and memory tests, here's how it rates the One X and GS III

Sharif Sakr

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Qualcomm's Vellamo app has been a part of the furniture in our Android benchmarking suite for a while now, providing a fun little test of browsing and networking speeds on almost any Android device. Version 2.0 adds something extra, however: a section called "Metal" that is all about putting your processor and memory through the wringer.

As a quick taster, we ran the new HTML5 and Metal tests on the HTC One X (both global and AT&T) and the Galaxy S III (global and Sprint), settling on the average of three consecutive results. Conspiracy theorists who think that Qualcomm's app favors its own processors will only find further ammunition in the CPU results, however the HTML5 scores actually give the QCOM devices much less of a lead than the old Vellamo did, scoring all four handsets roughly equally. You'll find the table overleaf, along with a publicity video that explains the update.

HTC One X (global, NVIDIA) HTC One X (AT&T, QCOM) Samsung GS III (global, EXYNOS) Samsung GS III (Sprint, QCOM)
Vellamo 2.0 (HTML 5) 1,591 1,529 1,563 1,605
Vellamo 2.0 (Metal) 475 587 557 576

Vellamo 1.0

1,617 2,350 1,751 2,117

(Note: The Vellamo 1.0 scores are from our reviews and may not represent the performance of devices that have been updated since. The Vellamo 2.0 scores represent up-to-date devices, with the possible exception of the AT&T One X, which was outside of AT&T network coverage and unable to check for updates. We'll revise this score if an update makes a difference.)

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