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Around Azeroth: The guilty parties


"I have never, ever, in the entire seven some-odd years I have played World of Warcraft, felt so bad as I did after I completed the Theramore scenario as a member of the Horde," laments pentinent Hordie Lee. "When I went to survey the damage after I unwittingly helped destroy it, there were a few Alliance around ground zero who were clearly paying their respects. I felt so genuinely terrible. A few of them spat on me, some just glared. The more stoic of them simply ignored me. I was definitely unwelcome, and if Blizzard's gambit was to make me feel shame or sadness, well, mission accomplished. I wish I had had no part in it, and I will probably never run this scenario again."

"Reading Tides of War just really drives home how awful of a role the Horde player has in this scenario: we are actually mentioned in passing in the book. We're part of canon now, but in a very terrible way -- at least if you're Horde. So, Jaina, while it's too little too late: I am sorry."

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