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Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS available to developers

Attention all you iOS devs, Facebook has just released its Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS. Among other things, the SDK allows developers to easily code their apps to allow single sign-on through Facebook IDs. This means that if your app allows users to sign into it via their Facebook account, you no longer have to ask them to enter their Facebook email address and password. One tap in iOS 6 and the user can instantly log in without having to type out a whole bunch of characters on the keyboard.

In addition to Facebook login, the SDK adds a whole bunch of other great features including:

  • Native, ready-to-use UI controls: The SDK includes several pre-built user interface controls.
  • Friend Picker to help apps easily pick friends. Example: use a friend picker to choose friends to tag in an Open Graph action.
  • Places Picker so apps can easily integrate with Facebook places. Example: use this picker to let users include a place with their posts.
  • Profile Picture control so your app can easily show the profile picture of a user, their friends, places, or other kinds of Facebook objects.
  • Login controls for easily building Login and Logout experiences.

Developers can download the SDK here.

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