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Halo 4 screens reveal the Mantis mech, new Flood game type


Microsoft has dropped a ton of new screenshots from Halo 4. The shots run the gamut from the campaign missions "Dawn" and "Infinity," to multiplayer images, to the Spartan Ops mission "The Challenge." Apart from being real purdy, the shots also reveal some new information.

For one, multiplayer will now include a new "Flood" game type, in which "a group of Spartans has been transformed into a host of incredibly fast and deadly Flood combat forms." As you can see, they look like pretty nasty customers.

Furthermore, the shots show off the Mantis, a new mech vehicle, which bears some resemblance to the Gekkos from Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Rising (but, you know, without the freaky monster chicken legs). According to 343 Industries designer David Ellis, players and the Mantis should "get along just fine." We suspect he's correct.

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