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Breakfast Topic: I never expected to like this part so much!


Let's hear it this morning, ladies and gents: What single thing about Mists of Pandaria that you didn't see coming at all has most captivated you? Maybe it was a new feature you hadn't heard about beforehand, or perhaps it was something that didn't sound quite like all that but you find yourself doing again and again and again.

For me, it was scenarios. Pugs don't hold much allure for me. If it's not either a quiet evening on my own or a night with my guild, I'd just as soon do something else. But scenarios ... Scenarios have me hooked. I like that the groups are smaller than pugs. The format feels less mechanical. I guess we'll all eventually fall back into a fair share of silent but deadly scenario groups, too, but for now they feel like a collaborative effort worth biting into.

What from Mists of Pandaria has snuck up and ganked you with a bomb of amazement and delight? Is it a feature, a zone, an NPC, the monk class, the pandaren ...? What are you enjoying now that you didn't anticipate liking quite so much?

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