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Xbox Live rewarding Gamerscore with rebates and birthday gifts


Xbox Live Rewards is now offering players rebates on Marketplace purchases, based on their Gamerscore. Gold members with more than 25000 Achievement Points get 2 percent back (in Microsoft Points) on Xbox Live purchases made each month. Gold members with more than 10000 APs get a 1 percent rebate, while all Gold members with 3000+ APs get a "special gift" in the months of their birthdays. We do note the fine print says the gift has an approximate retail value of 25 cents. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Microsoft teased a tie-in between Achievements and Xbox Live Rewards earlier this year, and now the company's made good on that tease. Still, we'd like to see those die-hard players with more than 50K or 100K worth of APs get some properly sizable rewards, something like 5 and 10 percent rebates, respectively. At that rate we suppose Microsoft would have to reward the guy working up to one million APs with everything on the Marketplace ... which he must already own anyway.

Gold members must sign up to the Xbox Live Rewards scheme to get the bonuses. Otherwise the'll have to make do with measly real-life birthday presents.

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