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So, your beta just expired. Now what?


You're an iOS developer. Your beta just expired. Now what? Here's a simple cheat sheet for anyone feeling lost at sea.

  1. Download a gm copy of iOS 6 for your device. You'll find it at
  2. Connect your device to iTunes. Locate it in the sources list, the blue-gray list at the left of iTunes. It appears under DEVICES>.
  3. Option-click (or Alt-click) Check for Update.
  4. A file browser window appears. Navigate to the "ipa" firmware update file you downloaded. Select it.
  5. Agree to whatever is asked of you. Apple will check your device for upgrade and then apply it.
  6. Wait.

Your upgrade should proceed "in-place" without overwriting your data. If it fails for any reason, you may have to perform a full restore instead.

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