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Paul Allen takes a look at Windows 8, finds his ex-workmates mostly doing well


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When Paul Allen isn't busy writing memoirs or suing everyone, he's... providing insightful operating system commentary? While "software reviewer" isn't normally part of his job description, Allen has seen fit to dissect Microsoft's Windows 8 interface and learn how the company he co-founded is getting along without him. It's coping gracefully, thank you. The industry pioneer has decided the OS has a lot of promise for tablets, where the touch interface and legacy Windows support could provide the best of both worlds. He doesn't spare his former coworkers from criticism, though: he warns that the split between the Windows 8-style UI and the traditional desktop is potentially confusing, notes the absence of useful Android and iOS features like touch-friendly app folders, and doesn't find the conventional Windows interface very practical with fingers alone. It's hard to ignore the soft spot Allen likely has towards the platform he fostered for years, but his preview still offers a unique perspective on what many of us will see in three weeks.

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