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Payback 2, Zaxxon, and more coming to the App Store this evening


Wednesday night is traditionally when new apps appear on the App Store, and this evening is going to be no exception with a few big titles finally showing up. First up, Payback was one of the earliest Grand Theft Auto-style games on the App Store, and now it's getting a sequel with Payback 2 (or Payback^2, depending on how you read it). The developers have some behind-the-scenes information on their website if you want to get an early look at the game's new lighting engine and features. The biggest change is probably that the title is event-based rather than an open-world game. But the devs say there are still some open-world elements included along with new multiplayer modes to play with.

SEGA is releasing a sequel to the old Zaxxon arcade game called Zaxxon Escape. It looks very nice, taking the series into 3D and sticking to the familiar shooting gameplay. That one is also arriving this evening.

There's also a Red Bull-sponsored game called Augmented Racing Reloaded arriving Thursday, as well as a Microsoft-published action platformer called, strangely enough, Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin. Stay tuned for reviews and insight on all of these releases and more in the coming days.

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