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Woz discusses what he'd change about Apple


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently did a Q&A over on Slashdot, and Gizmodo has boiled down his answers into five things he'd change about Apple today. There's a little bit of putting thoughts in Wozniak's head here, as he wasn't specifically talking about what he would change.

Still, he does have some good insight, and in a few interesting ways, his ideas about what Apple is doing lately do seem to differ from what the company thinks. For example, Woz believes iTunes should be ported to Android; he says bringing iTunes to Windows created a huge market for Apple, and porting iTunes and its various stores to other mobile OSes would grow that market as well.

Woz also believes Apple should back off of the lawsuits a bit, especially when (or if) it impedes Apple's own innovations. Woz also suggests that Apple aim for a big influx of younger talent right now, when the company's future is so important.

As for Woz himself re-joining Apple in any official capacity, even he agrees that he and the company have grown apart. "Apple is very complex," he says, adding that "I like personal simplicity. I like to do what I'm good at, which is enjoying technology." Woz says he would go to Apple to help out if ever called upon, but honestly, we'd agree that he's happier just enjoying what's out there at this point.

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