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How to report problems with Apple Maps


When it launched last month, Apple's iOS 6 Maps was widely criticized in the press for its lack of street-level details and sometimes laughable inaccuracies. Instead of listening to all the complaining and finger pointing, iOS users should try to improve Maps by reporting any problems they encounter.

You can easily report a problem by opening the Maps application and clicking on the curled paged at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select the "Report a Problem" link and then fill in the options on the next page that let you identify and detail a problem. You can report incorrect search results, incorrect labels and street names, missing locations, and problems with directions. If your issue isn't listed, you can select "The problem isn't listed" and describe the issue that you encountered.

Apple is rumored to be using its retail staff to report corrections to Maps, and consumers can use this reporting feature to help, too. Like Tim Cook said in his open letter about Apple Maps, "the more our customers use our Maps the better it will get."

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