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No Doubt and Activision don't speak in court, agree settlement instead


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No Doubt and Activision reached an out-of-court settlement this week over the band's lawsuit against the publisher, finally bringing an end to three years of legal dispute. The Californian rock band first filed the lawsuit back in 2009, claiming their likenesses were only to be used in Band Hero with their own in-game tracks, not with the entire catalog. Despite Activision's best efforts, the case was due to finally appear in the Los Angeles Superior Court on October 15, but instead the two parties agreed to settle.

How things have changed since 2009. Music games like Rock Band 2 and Band Hero were ruling the roost, and No Doubt had only just reformed after the Stefani-imposed hiatus. Three years on and there won't be any more Hero games, while No Doubt recently released their sixth album. Now, following some Push & Shove it seems things will finally Settle Down completely for the Hero franchise so that it can rest in peace.

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