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Original Mac factory fails to become a historic site


The city of Freemont, Calif., has been trying to get the factory that assembled the first Macs recognized as a national historic site. Unfortunately, the effort has failed. The reason? It's too young.

According to Mercury News, the city council noted that, at just 30 years old, the factory is too young to meet state and federal criteria for a historic designation. A site must be 50 years old or older to receive such an honor. There was a financial barrier, too. The News reports that the review process could have cost around US$45,000.

In the article, Fremont Mayor Gus Morrison recounted a story about a phone call he once received from an irate Jobs when there was an issue with the building inspection process. Let's say Jobs used "colorful" language to make his point.

Bad luck for the factory. Perhaps if its kept in good repair for another 20 years, it will receive the recognition it deserves.

[Via MacObserver]

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