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Resistance Collection bundles all three PS3 Resistance games for $40

Jordan Mallory

Look, times are tough in America and now, more than ever, game-buying people all over the country are asking themselves "How many space bugs will I get to murder for the money I'm spending?"

Sony's and Insomniac's newly announced Resistance Collection for the PS3 has a remarkably high bug-murder-to-cost ratio, packing Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Resistance 3 and "the best DLC" for Resistances 2 and 3 into one $39.99 package. The Aftermath Pack and skin bundle for Resistance 2 and the Brutality and Survival packs for Resistance 3 are the only DLC specifically mentioned by name, though whether that represents the full extent of the included content remains uncertain.

Release date and various further information will be made available "in the coming weeks," according to the PlayStation Blog. For now, maybe consider saving $20 and just buying the good one.

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