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Namco Bandai removing Noby Noby Boy from iOS App Store

Jordan Mallory

The iOS version of Noby Noby Boy, which isn't so much a port of the PlayStation 3 original insomuch as a weird collection of Noby Noby Boy-based activities, is being removed from the App Store on Tuesday, October 9, according to creator Keita Takahashi's personal blog.

The $1.99 app is being removed by Namco Bandai itself (rather than, say, Apple) for unknown reasons – though the app's Facebook integration and cumulative point goals haven't been functioning properly for a few months, which may have something to do with it. No announcements were made regarding the cancellation of any other Noby-related services, such as the PS3 version's worldwide goal of having GIRL reach the edge of the solar system.

"Thank you for playing this silly app," says Takahashi. Anyone interested in grabbing Noby Noby Boy for their iDevice of choice before it disappears can do so here.

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