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Star Wars Angry Birds teased

Jordan Mallory

Star Wars Angry Birds teased
The folks behind Angry Birds and Star Wars license holders have apparently been talking: Rovio has tweeted an image of what appears to be a rotund Angry Bird in classic Star Wars robes, saying "Who could this be?"

Additionally, an unknown official tumblr has surfaced with an animated version of the image that literally sheds a bit more light on the bird, but unfortunately not on the situation. We've reached out to Rovio for more information, but for now just sit back and think about the first time you ever saw The Empire Strikes Back. Remember all the weird space birds attacking the Millennium Falcon inside the worm's stomach? Yeah.

Update: Rovio has tweeted a link directly to the Angry Birds tumblr mentioned, confirming its legitimacy. We've replaced this article's original header image with the animated version for maximum lightsaber-ness.

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