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PSN co-op platformer Ibb and Obb postponed until Spring 2013


Promising PSN platformer Ibb and Obb, previously expected to release later this year, is now scheduled for Spring 2013. Developer Sparpweed revealed the delay on the game's Facebook page, noting that while it's almost completed there are understandable concerns about releasing a small indie game during the silly season that is Q4. The delay also allows Sparpweed to introduce online as well as local co-op.

Based on what we've seen so far, Ibb and Obb looks to be worth the wait. In fact, we've already been waiting since 2008 when the game first showed up at Indiecade. It's set in what Sparpweed calls a non-Newtonian world, with gravity operating in opposite directions on different sides of the ground. Confused? No worries, there's a handy gameplay video just above.

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