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Just Mobile talks about working with Apple


Just Mobile is an Apple accessory manufacturer that has produced some very unique, award-winning products for Mac and iOS devices. Our sister site Engadget recently had an opportunity to sit down with Just Mobile co-founders Erich Huang and Nils Gustafsson, talk about the company's relationship with Apple and why it recently moved all of its manufacturing to Taiwan.

We've looked at a number of Just Mobile's products in the past, including the Alupen stylus, the Gum Plus battery pack, Highway Pro car charger and the AluCube Mini cable organizer. The company announced two new products today -- the AluBase and AluRack for MacBooks.

What makes Just Mobile stand out from other accessory manufacturers? First, the company works closely with well-known European product designers to create functional and attractive accessories. Second, the company focuses on the details of materials to make them as close to those used on Apple products. Finally, the company feels that manufacturing in Taiwan makes for better quality products than those available in China (since many manufacturers are producing parts for Apple as well), and there's also a lesser chance of a manufacturer "cloning" one of their products.

The Engadget video interview is fascinating viewing for anyone interested in design and can be viewed in its entirety below.

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