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MechWarrior Online Founders' Program ends soon, open beta next week


Joystiq got to see MechWarrior Online in its closed beta at PAX Prime a few months ago, and the game was coming along nicely: a little light on the fast-paced shooter action and heavy on the MechWarrior-based customization options and battle mechanics. Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games have announced that MWO is headed into an open beta next week.

Players interested in playing can sign up on the MechWarrior Online website to reserve a name right now, and anyone looking to spend a little money on the free-to-play shooter (based, of course, on the tabletop strategy game) can join the Founders' Program, which offers various tiers of premium rewards. The Founders' Program will finish up on October 14, with the open beta following soon after.

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MechWarrior Online - All Systems Nominal:
Open Beta Drops Next Week

- The Battle Begins October 16 in North America –

MONTREAL - October 10, 2012 – Infinite Game Publishing (IGP) and Piranha Games announced today that MechWarrior Online will go Open Beta on October 16. MechWarrior Online, one of 2012's most anticipated titles, has been lauded by fans and the games media as the return of true Mech combat. Its successful Founder's Program will officially end at midnight on October 14. Founder's members are able to choose tiers of membership and get a head start here:

"We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the fans over the course of our closed beta period," said Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games. "The amazing fans and the high quality feedback given to our team have helped us craft MechWarrior Online into a true MechWarrior gameplay experience. We're more than excited to open up the game and look forward to continuing to expand the InnerSphere with our loyal fans."

Set in the year 3049 during the early stages of a massive interstellar war, MechWarrior Online puts you in command of the most powerful war machine to ever walk the field of battle, the mighty BattleMech™. Command your Mech and customize it to suit your battlefield role; upgrade systems, replace weapons, and tweak armor with endless options.

Get your pilot name and more information at

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