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THQ agrees Australian distribution deal, 18 jobs lost in AU closure


THQ today announced it's in the process of closing its Melbourne offices, and will be laying off 18 employees as a result. Speaking to Gamasutra, THQ revealed the company signed a new distribution agreement for Australia with All Interactive Entertainment, thereby making its Asia-Pacific office based in Melbourne defunct. The offices are to be closed across the coming months. 14 of the company's Australian employees had already lost their jobs earlier this year.

This is the latest in several rounds of layoffs made by the North American publisher this year. In February the company announced restructuring would force 240 of its employees to lose their jobs. Reports then came in that its Japanese office had closed down, then in the summer its San Diego office closed too. Soon after the company consolidated quality assurance into one Montreal office, with 57 employees affected and some laid off completely. Two months ago, THQ cut its marketing and production staff by 20 employees.

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