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Stuart Black abandons Enemy Front, City Interactive


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Stuart Black, creative director of Codemasters' Bodycount and designer of Criterion's Black, has left his most recent publisher, City Interactive, where he was working on Enemy Front. Black has a history of establishing a shooter franchise at a new studio and then leaving the studio to work on another shooter franchise, a trend we noticed even back in 2010.

Black left City Interactive in August, CEO Marek Tyminski says, according to Polish website Miastogier and translated by VG24/7. Black left after his vision for Enemy Front proved to be "different from" City Interactive's. Enemy Front was announced in November 2011 as a World War II first-person-shooter, but since Black's departure it has changed directions.

"Following the first game shows, press releases, we decided to take into account the media attention and now we have made ​​a number of quite significant changes in the game storyline and assumptions, including the main character," Tyminski says.

City Interactive is now working with cinematic director Mark Bristol in the US and on an "extensive" multiplayer mode, handled by a team in Romania.

Black's LinkedIn now lists his occupation as "indie developer."

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