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Analyst: Borderlands 2 sold 1.4 million in US [Update: NPD confirms]


Even though Borderlands 2 bested sales of the first game by 234%, it wasn't able to sell more copies than Madden NFL 13 in September. According to Macquarie Capital analyst Ben Schachter, 1.4 million physical copies of Borderlands 2 were sold in the US at retail since its launch – we've reached out to the NPD for exact September sales. Update: NPD has confirmed with Joystiq that Borderlands 2 sold 1.4 million copies at retail in September.

That figure doesn't take into account copies of Borderlands 2 sold digitally, via Steam on PC or as part of the Day 1 initiative on the PlayStation Network. says Schachter forecasted a total of three million in sales during the last three months of this year, accounting for the aforementioned digital distribution channels.

Borderlands 2 recently released its new character class – the Mechromancer – and will get the first of four DLC content packages on October 16. 'Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty' will be available across all platforms for $9.99 and free to owners of the Borderlands 2 content Season Pass.

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