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Street Fighter X Tekken to get 'hefty' balancing update later this year


Street Fighter X Tekken is getting a "'hefty free" update later this year, Capcom announced. The update is expected to substantially re-balance the game, as well as provide some visual and mechanical tweaks. While every character is likely to receive some balancing tweaks, as always with these things some characters need more tweaking than others.

Capcom outlined some of the tweaks already planned for implementation, which include a range of tweaks at varying levels of impact. Characters listed so far for tweakage include Ken, Kazuya, Cammy, Julia, Bob, Abel, Xiaoyu, Balrog, Heihachi, Ibuki, and Paul.

Less hefty but just as free is the trailer above, a new one for SFxT's Vita edition. It outlines some of the new features (not tweaks) coming to that version, which is due on October 23.

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