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Telltale working on fix for corrupt Walking Dead: Episode 4 save files

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Players of The Walking Dead on PlayStation 3 have identified a major issue affecting save files. Developer Telltale tells Joystiq it is aware of the problem, which causes Walking Dead save files to become corrupt or disappear in Episode 4, entitled "Around Every Corner."

"We have received a small number of reports surrounding this issue since the launch of Episode Four: Around Every Corner and have been working with users on our forums to clearly identify a solution which will be resolved as quickly as possible," says a Telltale representative.

Telltale says players can avoid the issue by "refraining from use of the third save slot in the game menu." If they do get a corrupted save error, Telltale recommends returning to the PS3 home screen and waiting for an update to be released.

"We are working with our partners at Sony to push the patch to users as quickly as possible, and will update our customers as soon as we have confirmed when the patch has been released." The developer asks any affected users to contact them via email to report the bug and identify the problem.

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