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The Queue: Nobody appreciates good tea these days

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) keeps things in her bank for far longer than absolutely necessary.

Either the world just isn't as full of crazy completion-obsessed players as I'd like there to be, or nobody appreciates a good old cup of tea anymore. Not just any tea, thistle tea. Mind you, you can only drink it if you're a rogue. And as of patch 1.3 way back in 2005, recipes were only sold to rogues. But before that, rogues could get the recipe and trade it to whoever they wanted -- and any class could learn it.

I happen to have one of those very, very old recipes in my possession. It's pretty much the one recipe most players that are crazy about collecting are missing. But nobody seems to want it. It makes me sad.

drake.lazarus asked:

Doe The Queue update at a regular time every day? I have lots of questions, but I don't want to ask them *after* the point when consideration for the next day's Queue is already complete.

It depends on the person answering the questions. We usually write the Queue sometime late in the evening, although there are some people that wait until morning to write it out. I like writing the Queue around 1am-2am EST, mostly because I go to bed ridiculously late and I'm not usually up in the early AM to write it. I don't know about the other authors of the column, but I'll usually go through the comments, pick the questions I'd like to answer, and then ask for questions on my Twitter for good measure.

BaronOfTheLake asked:

Q4TQ: Cloud Serpents: Best mount ever or best mount of all time? Finally finished raising mine yesterday, and I love it!

I love my cloud serpent. I also have a huge attachment to my collection of Netherwing drakes. Both of these are due to the way that both mounts had involved stories behind them, and those stories made me incredibly fond of the Netherwing, and of course my little cloud serpent egg that I saved all by myself.

But I have to admit, I recently came into possession of a Magic Rooster Egg. Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like gallivanting across the scenic hills of Pandaria astride a giant chicken. Nothing.

Natasha asked:

all of my friends have boyfriends and I'm the only single one. i simply can't get a boyfriend. what should i do to battle the loneliness when i'm with them and they're all with their boyfriends? to make this wow related, let's say we're all pandaren.

Battling loneliness? Peddlefeet's your best option.

JeffLaBowski asked:

Q4tQ-Q4U: Do you think we will ever get the option to name our mounts? Give me your favorite mount and what you would name it!

I don't really think so, mostly because you can't see the name of a mount when you're riding one around. If you've got a pet beside you, people can click on it and see its name. If you're riding a mount, people clicking on you get your name, not your name and your mount's name. Which is sort of sad because I think I'd enjoy being able to change my Swift Orange Raptor's name to Stanley, which is how I've been secretly referring to him for years.

StefKirro asked:

so i saw this map before the launch of MoP and i was really excited for Kul'Tiras after finding out that Theramore is going to be destroyed. Do you think this map is legit? Maybe those isles will be added one by one or all together in future MoP patches?

That's not a real map. The font used for Pandaria is wrong, and the placement of the isles around Pandaria is off. We don't really know where Kul Tiras is at -- it's floating off at sea somewhere, undiscovered. I don't think we'll see any new territory uncovered with Mists other than Zandalar Isle, which theoretically is that big mass of land to the northwest of Townlong Steppes.

Aubrey asked:

Do the Pandaren on the Wandering Isle know/worry about the Sha at all? Do Sha generate there like in Pandaria, or is my new Monk going to be just as shocked as my Druid when she learns about them?

Nope! The Wandering Isle is completely sha-free. Pandaria and the Wandering Isle have been separated from each other for a very, very long time -- long enough that the pandaren of the Wandering Isle have tales of Pandaria, but none of them are old enough to remember Pandaria at all. You can find more info on Wandering Isle pandaren and reactions to Pandaria in last week's roleplay column.

@TomTheGamerCub asked via Twitter:

so i have race changed a few toons. How do I work that into RP 'acceptably'? Gnomish teleported accident? New to rp...

Speaking of that roleplay column I write ... I wrote a column about that, too. Take a look! And if you're new to rp, you may want to browse through the roleplay column's archives, as there's a ton of useful info in there to anyone wanting to know a bit more about roleplay and character development in the context of Warcraft.

@unlimitedBLACK asked via Twitter:

Do you think the Achievement pane is a bit confusing? There's just too many achievements to keep track of, esp old content...

Yes. The biggest problem I have is with the fact that dungeon and raid achievements are mixed together. You can click on Pandaria dungeons or Pandaria raids, and then all achievements for all dungeons in Pandaria are just sort of mashed together, the same with the raid panel. It'd be nice if there were simply a Dungeons section where you could sort by the dungeon you happened to be in, and a Raids section where you could do the same.

Mostly it's really difficult at the moment to figure out whether or not the dungeon you're currently running has any achievements available to complete in a timely fashion.

@shamanrongar asked via Twitter:

Ore has always be pretty self-explanatory (bronze, iron, etc.). But Ghost Iron Ore is different. What "ghosts" are we mining?

I don't think it's referring to literal ghosts so much as the appearance of the ore. It's sort of ghostly white with wisps of light wafting off of it, kind of like it's haunted or something. Although I can reassure you, after having farmed up way too much of the stuff, it's definitely not.

... I hope. Otherwise I'm going to log in one day to a throng of thousands of very angry dead pandaren.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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