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Rice University offers course on Old Norse mythology, Skyrim

Jordan Mallory

Look, you don't need an expensive piece of paper from some institution to know that you're the Dohvakiin. You know it, we know it, the guy you yelled at until he died knows it -- that's all that really matters in the long run. But, if for some reason you did want to expand your knowledge of the ancient legends behind your ancient legend, Rice University has you covered.

"Scandinavian Fantasy Worlds: Old Norse Sagas and Skyrim" is a new course at Rice University in Houston, TX, which "introduces students to fantasy as both psychological concept and driving force in gamer culture" by having students "read selections from Old Norse and Old Icelandic sagas (in translation) as they play different quests within Skyrim."

As you can imagine, enrollment availability is limited to actual, bona fide students at Rice University. Additionally, the class is only available this semester, which is sad considering that beating Skyrim will most likely take longer than passing the course.

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