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PS3 4.30 update brings Vita Trophies, folds Folding@Home


Sony will be rolling out a new PlayStation 3 firmware update tomorrow, October 23. Update 4.30 only brings a couple of changes. First, the Trophies section (for some reason) is moving from the games section of the XMB to the PSN section. Furthermore, Trophies earned on your PlayStation Vita will now also be displayed on the PS3.

Finally, Sony is retiring the Life with PlayStation service and, along with it, Folding@home. The Folding@home project, for those who don't recall, utilizes the idle processing power of personal computers and PlayStation 3 consoles to help further Stanford University disease research. Vijay Pande, Stanford's Folding@home research lead tells PlayStation Blog that the PS3 "was a game changer for Folding@home." The project, and by extension the contribution of PS3 users, has helped pave the way to "a new strategy to fight Alzheimer's disease" and potentially a viable drug.

Those who wish to continue (or begin) supporting Folding@home may still do so via Windows, Mac or Linux.

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