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Airtight moves into mobile games with PIXLD


Airtight Games is following Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum with a puzzle game for smaller screens. PIXLD for iOS is a color-matching puzzle game that tasks players with flipping groups of blocks to create contiguous groups. The developer calls it "deeply engaging, deceptively simple" and plans to release it next week, at an introductory 99 cent price (regular price is $1.99).

This is the first release from the new "Airtight Mobile" label, which – as the name suggests – will publish games for phones, specifically iOS.

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Airtight Games Debuts Mobile Development Studio with PIXLD, Coming Soon to iOS

Redmond, October 24, 2012-Airtight Games today announced its groundbreaking new mobile development initiative with PIXLD, an addictive and deceptively simple iOS puzzle game slated for release the week of October 29, 2012.

PIXLD is Airtight's first release under the new Airtight Mobile brand, an innovative and unprecedented venture aiming to do the impossible: allow consumers to experience the joys of video gaming on their mobile telephones.

"Seriously, have you seen these things?" said PIXLD creative director Kim Swift, gesturing at Apple's sixth-generation iPhone. "They're like tiny computers. Tiny computers you carry in your pocket. So I'm all like, 'I know this sounds nuts, but guys, let's put some games on there.' And they did. Bam."

What are you staring at? Do we have something on our face? We just checked, and we don't. Good. Anyway, PIXLD also represents the latest efforts of the team behind the acclaimed first-person puzzler Quantum Conundrum.

A stylish, unique take on match puzzler games, PIXLD pits you against a ticking clock to match and destroy as many blocks as you can. Tap a PIXL to change its color – and the color of every PIXL surrounding it. Destroy power-up blocks to add precious seconds to the clock or boost your score. At once hypnotic and frenetic, the puzzle experience of PIXLD will grab you by the brain and never let go.

"Is it risky betting on an emerging platform like iOS? You bet. But I have a feeling Apple just might be onto something here," added Swift. "Buying a video game that you can play on your phone for less than a cup of coffee? That's just crazy!"

We're not exactly certain why everyone's suddenly going on and on about birds and ropes and temples while we're making history. PIXLD arrives on the iOS App Store the week of October 29, 2012 as a universal iOS app for $1.99. But act fast: we're celebrating the release of Airtight Mobile's first title with a 50% off introductory sale. Get PIXLD for just $.99!

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