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Star Citizen surpasses $2 million funding goal


Chris Roberts' Star Citizen project has surpassed its $2 million crowd funding pledge goal, which it achieved through a combination of Kickstarter and the game's website.

"I'm floored by the support we are receiving for Star Citizen. Our fans have certainly showed that they are ready for a space sim that will provide the kind of PC gaming experience that I think has been missing in the genre for so many years," Roberts told Joystiq.

"We want people to really feel they are right in the thick of a space battle or deep into a mission in a faraway galaxy. I want to make sure that the players know and understand that they'll very much be a part of this process of making the next great space combat game as we plan to communicate with them on a regular basis and utilize their feedback as we design Star Citizen."

As of this writing, the two pledge sites combined total about $2.1 million. There are still 24 and 15 days to go on the Kickstarter and Roberts Space Industries drives, respectively. Roberts hopes to have backers playing an early alpha version of the game "within 12 months."

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