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SOE snags Project Copernicus lead dev for Vanguard


Former 38 Studios Lead Developer Steve Danuser is back in SOE's fold, this time working on Vanguard as a Creative Director. Danuser was originally a community manager for EverQuest II, but left SOE in 2006 to work on Project Copernicus. SOE recently announced his return and posted a developer spotlight on his history with MMOs and the company.

Danuser is seemingly delighted with his new post: "I must say it's great to be back. Seeing so many old friends and colleagues again, it feels like coming home!"

He mentions that some of the video game influences in his life that led him to development included Atari 2600 games and the Ultima series. In fact, one of the reasons he states that he enjoys Vanguard is that it captures "the qualities of classic RPGs."

The biggest priority for Danuser and the rest of the Vanguard team is to improve the overall experience across the board, including bug fixes, hardware performance, and to revamp older content.

[Thanks to John for the tip!]

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