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Twelve South introduces HiRise for MacBook stand, shipping now for $70

Darren Murph

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Hot on the heels of its HiRise for iMac release, the Mac-only accessory maker known as Twelve South is outing a similar riser for MacBook products. Engineered to hoist MacBooks from 11 to 15 inches up off of one's table, the HiRise for MacBook is a sleek, polished stand that serves a purpose much like the mStand from Rain Design. For avid MacBook users looking for a more ergonomic way to work, this is easily one of the best solutions out there. Unlike most rivals, Twelve South's offering is adjustable, allowing you to raise and lower your MacBook's keyboard and display to match the height of your eyes (or perhaps a nearby monitor). In our testing, we found the build quality to be exceptional, and it's most certainly a piece that you'd be pleased to have sitting alongside your other work peripherals. It's a bit heavy for travel -- but then again, you can't have that base being light enough to tip over -- but those still interested can nab one at the source link for $69.99.

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