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ZTE Flash may bring its 12MP camera to Sprint on November 11th with LG Mach following suit


Over the summer, word surfaced at TalkAndroid of Sprint carrying the ZTE Flash, a surprisingly potent mid-tier smartphone that would bring a 12-megapixel camera into a category all too used to mediocre photography. Its then-rumored October launch has come and gone, but we may just have firmed-up details thanks to an anonymous tipster. According to some purported internal documentation at the carrier, the smartphone could show up on November 11th simply billed as the Sprint Flash -- we imagine the network doesn't want to broadcast a controversial name -- and carry a reasonable $130 contract price after a rebate. For the money, it might be hard to top. While we're not expecting wonders with that 8GB of storage, so-so 1,730mAh battery and slightly creaky Android 4.0, the 4.5-inch screen, dual-core 1.5GHz chip (likely a Snapdragon S4) and LTE could provide some savings to those who don't need a device quite as large as the Galaxy S III.

Don't worry if you're not budgeting for ZTE's latest, either. If the full price list available past the break is accurate, November 11th could be a busier day than expected -- the Flash and LG Optimus G could be joined by an LG Mach costing $100 after a rebate. This and a new titanium-colored Galaxy S II for the budget crowd could have Sprint's roster completely freshened just in time for the busiest sales of the year.

ZTE Flash may bring its 12MP camera to Sprint on November 11th with LG Mach, more following suit

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