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Daybreak action MMO aims for global release

Chinese developer Linekong is bringing Daybreak to the global market. "That's great," you may say, "but what is Daybreak?"

Daybreak is an action MMORPG to which players can connect either through a client or browser. The game currently has four classes, all gender-locked: the Knight, Hunter, Puppet Master, and Mage. Among other features are a handful of PvP modes, upgradeable mounts, pets that evolve, and bosses both in dungeons and the open world. Despite that action moniker, Daybreak currently doesn't allow players to attack while jumping or swing their weapons while running. A fatigue system for entering dungeons and other in-game systems is augmented by heavy emphasis on the cash shop, at least on the game's current Chinese server.

Skip below the cut to check out some trailer and gameplay videos for yourself.

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