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Crafting-focused sandbox Greed Monger launches Kickstarter campaign

MJ Guthrie

Perhaps it's from Kickstarter gaining in popularity, but MMORPG addicts... er, fans... are seeing a surge in the number of indie games in development, especially sandboxes. And joining the crowd of crowd-funding is Greed Monger, a new title that heralds its primary focus as crafting.

According to the Kickstarter page, Greed Monger is being developed for both PC and Mac. Other features include non-instanced housing, no global chat, a player-driven economy, no predefined skill trees, community events, and animals that only drop crafting materials. On top of that, every finished item that exists in game is player-crafted. The game will be free-to-play, with the team's future development funds coming from purchases of land parcels, not cash shop micro-transactions.

Check out a basic demo video after the cut. For more details, as well as screenshots depicting housing and a video showing off a castle that the highest contributors can acquire, check out the game's campaign page.

[Thanks to Bryan for the tip!]

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