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EA Sports donates $500,000 of in-game ads to Movember initiative


In good guy news, EA Sports is putting up $500,000 worth of in-game advertising for Movember, free of charge. You may have already spotted the ads, which will run this month, in the latest iterations of FIFA, Madden, and NHL.

Movember's been going for several years now, but in case you're yet to link it to the surge of facial hair above November lips, the charity's website can fill you in. In short, dudes grow their mustaches out across the month, all in the name of raising money for men's health charities like the Prostate Cancer and LiveStrong foundations.

While this is excellent of EA Sports, we're a little disappointed to not hear of EA CEO Peter Moore growing out his whiskers - we mean really growing out his whiskers. We reckon he could totally pull off this little number. Of course, even that 'stache woudn't compare to a certain reviews editor's super sexy stylings.

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