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Withings WS-30 anti-slouch connected weighing scales arrive in the US for $130


Waking up to be greeted by a weighing scale that tells you to stand up straight and buck up your ideas might not be everyone's ideal morning, but we do love Withings' gear. The company's latest, the WS-30, has meandered over from Europe and is now available to order from today in the US of A. It'll set you back $130, but that's a small price to pay if you're planning to make a few positive life changes before the winter forces you to stay inside.

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The Next Generation of Withings Internet Connected Scales Arrives in the US

Paris – November 5, 2012 – Withings, innovators of Internet connected devices, announces the US availability of its next generation Internet-connected bathroom scale, Wireless Scale WS-30. The WS-30 scale combines Bluetooth Smart technology and WiFi connectivity to offer a seamless and computer-free experience from the install stage to everyday use. This gem of simplicity features the latest Withings technology to provide users with an ultra-intuitive experience, including Withings Position Control™ technology, which provides on-screen visuals to help properly position a user's body on the scale for high-accuracy weighing.

By just stepping on the scale, the Wireless Scale gives users their weight and body mass index (BMI) on a large backlit display. Then, after each weigh-in, the scale uses its built-in connectivity to automatically transmit the data to the user's Withings Health Companion App and personal Withings webpage. A user can also decide where else to send their information, like their physician, Twitter feed, and over 60 Withings compatible applications including Lose It!, Runkeeper, MyFirnessPal, Daily Burn, Zeo, and Body Media.

With its enhanced connectivity, including Bluetooth and WiFi, the new Withings Wireless Scale adapts to your lifestyle and connects automatically, whether you keep it at home or take it with you on holiday – you don't even require a computer to set up the scale, just a Smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth.

Cédric Hutchings, Co-Founder of Withings says: "With Wireless Scale, we have simplified even further the way people automatically assess how fit they are. Now anyone can enjoy the benefits of self-measurement in a really simple way without worrying about connectivity."

The WS-30 is perfect for the whole family since it can instantly recognize eight individual users. Each user can easily create a custom profile with privacy & sharing settings. Users can decide to share weight readings with other users or keep them private so no one else can see. Sharing results with a physician or coach and publishing results to Facebook, Twitter or other compatible applications is made simple within the Withing set up.

In addition to partnering with over 60 applications, Withings has created the free Withings Health Companion App. This free application is designed to be the ultimate health and wellness application that enables users to store, access and manage their weight, physical activity (Body Media), heart and sleep data (Zeo) on a single user-friendly dashboard. This application also comes rich with features such as goal setting, coaching services, and generating of weight graphs.

Wireless Scale WS-30 is available now from for $129.95.

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