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Apple uses a little code to help hide its Samsung apology in the UK


After the company's first attempt at its court-ordered apology came off a bit sarcastic -- and angered a UK judge in the process -- Apple has now posted its second attempt at the official statement on its UK website. However, while this new statement appears to have much less snark, the company has another treat in store: Apple's front page code has been tweaked so that the the blurb and link to the statement won't appear unless you scroll down, regardless of your screen resolution.

The interesting code tweak was first discovered by members of Hacker News and Reddit. A simple Javascript addition ensures that regardless of what resolution your display is set at, the large iPad mini banner pushes the apology link off of the screen.

If you visit Apple's website with any degree of regularity, you'll already know that scrolling down isn't typically something you need to do to find what you're looking for. When the court ordered that the company admit that its first official statement on the Samsung matter was inaccurate, there was also the stipulation that a link to the corrected statement appear on the homepage.

Well, technically, the link does appear on the homepage, but unless you decide to scroll down to what is typically a non-existent page extension, you're not likely to see it. It's a clever move, but we'll have to wait and see if the already miffed UK court also appreciates the ingenuity.

[Via: The Next Web]

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