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New screens, new languages for Tales of Xillia


Tales of Xillia will include text in five different languages when it arrives in Europe in 2013, Namco Bandai announced. Along with German, French, and English text, which Namco also provided in the European release of Tales of Graces F, Xillia will include Spanish and Italian text.

There will also be a small amount of text in whatever language the word "Xillia" is in. All of the screenshots sent with the announcement have English text – except for those with no text, and you can interpret that silence in the language of your choice.

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TALES OF XILLIA coming to Europe in five different languages!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S confirms today the details of the languages supported in Tales of Xillia. The Company is extending its commitment to bring the Tales of Series to a broader audience with the addition of Spanish and Italian texts. German, French and English texts, included since Tales of Graces f, will also be supported.

Tales of Xillia will be released on PlayStation®3 in 2013.

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