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World of Tanks rolls out Chinese armor for Update 8.2

Shawn Schuster

In today's installment of world-conquering updates to World of Tanks, Wargaming has announced details for a new line of Chinese tanks. Update 8.2 will bring to the game 17 armored vehicles (some that never saw production) plus the Chinese tech tree that will consist of modified versions of the Soviet, French, British, and American tanks. Because Chinese tanks were mostly modifications of existing foreign tanks, they represent the best traits of each, including the maneuverability of the Americans, the accuracy of the Brits, the rapid firing of the French, and sheer power of the Soviets.

Update 8.2 will also bring an overhauled rendering and lighting system to four maps in addition to five new tanks to the American tech tree. Be sure to check out the gallery below with the tech tree, screenshots, renders, and artwork, and a video trailer after the cut.

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