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GameFly's digital distribution client officially exits beta, celebrates with free copies of Bioshock


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After nearly a year of testing, GameFly is ready to pull the beta qualifier off of its PC game distribution client. The desktop software serves not only as a digital storefront for PC games, but also as a queue management program for subscribers to GameFly's game-by-mail service. Active members get free access to a few hundred "Unlimited PC Play" titles as well -- offering subscribers a wide range of games from Diner Dash to Assassin's Creed. The official release doesn't differ from the beta in any significant way, but GameFly and 2K games is celebrating its launch by doling out free copies of Bioshock to anyone willing to give the platform a test drive. Crash on down to the source link below for a free ticket to Rapture, or read on for GameFly's official press release.

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GameFly Officially Launches Digital PC Client - the One-Stop Shop for Gamers

GameFly Celebrates by Giving Away 2K Games' Bioshock for Free for a Limited Time Only

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- GameFly, Inc., the leading video game service, announced today that its PC client is officially launched and out of beta...just in time for the holiday games rush. The one-stop shop for gamers features over 1500 PC games to buy and play, Unlimited PC Play with hundreds of Windows games to play for free for GameFly members, and access to more than 8000 console and handheld titles for rent, purchase and pre-order. New to the client is a growing catalouge of Mac games available for download as well. The desktop client is a convenient resource for gamers with up-to-the-minute-news and asset feeds, a vast library of game information, videos and screenshots, and an active social community to discover what's hot or not. For GameFly subscribers, they can also manage their GameQ for all platforms on this easy to use client, the popular GameFly mobile App for iOS and Android, mobile web and at
"We used the positive and constructive feedback from our community during the beta to help make the best product possible," said Sean Spector, GameFly co-founder and SVP of Business Development and Content. "To celebrate the launch of the client, we're excited to partner with 2K Games to give away their highly acclaimed PC game Bioshock for free."
The free GameFly PC client can be downloaded here:

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