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Stiq Figures, October 29 - November 4: Spider The Video Game edition


Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter. Every week, we take a look at, uh, something – meanwhile, the previous week's Japanese hardware sales figures are posted after the jump, and a discussion of said figures takes place in our comments. It may not be conventional, but it's a time-honored Joystiq tradition.

When your video game has a spider holding a gun and a knife on the cover, you know it should be a sure-fire masterpiece. That turned out to be half-true for Boss Game Studios' 1997 PlayStation game, Spider: The Video Game.

The game's description, at least according to the above intro video, is certainly part of the masterpiece side of the game: "The mind of a genius. The body of a spider. A mortally wounded scientist accidentally implants his consciousness in a nano-tech marvel – a cybernetic spider. Now shrunk to the size of a bug you must fight to stay alive."

While its platforming and general gameplay elements certainly didn't get prettier with age, Spider: The Video Game should at least remind us that firing missiles as as creepy critter should happen much more than it does in gaming.

3DS LL: 63,993 [UP] 25,904 (68.01%)
3DS: 29,996 [UP] 6,543 (27.90%)
PS3: 21,310 [UP] 946 (4.65%)
PSP: 13,868 [DOWN] 673 (4.63%)
Vita: 4,842 [DOWN] 964 (16.60%)
Wii: 3,806 [UP] 62 (1.66%)
PS2: 1,351 [UP] 345 (34.29%)
Xbox 360: 1,339 [DOWN] 592 (30.66%)
DSi LL: 341 [UP] 127 (59.35%)
DSi: 227 [NO CHANGE] 0 (0.00%)

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