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SugarSync 2.0 now available as a public beta


SugarSync 2.0 is now available as a public beta to anyone who currently uses the cloud service or is thinking about moving to the platform.

SugarSync has been redesigned across the board, from the desktop Mac app to the web app, and (soon) the iOS app will be available. At this point in time, the iOS app isn't ready to fly, but TUAW readers with Android phones will find that the beta app is available for their platform. Syncing a folder is now as easy as dragging and dropping a folder onto the SugarSync 2.0 UI, and folders can be converted from synced to cloud-only to save space on your computer. The app also now provides a new photo gallery view that can be shared.

SugarSync 20 now available as a public beta

As with many of the other cloud services, SugarSync provides ways to back up individual folders to the cloud, sync folders with multiple computers, access files from multiple platforms, share files and folders with co-workers or friends, and do this all on a number of computing platforms.

SugarSync provides a 30-day free trial of their service; after that point, pricing begins at US$50 per year for 30 GB of cloud storage and up to 500 GB for $400 per year. The beta software can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate button on this page.

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