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ArenaNet responds to Guild Wars 2 Ascended gear gripes

Jef Reahard

The Guild Wars 2 natives are restless with respect to Ascended gear and the perception of grind. On the heels of a massive forum thread that's generated nearly 140 pages and 7,000 replies, ArenaNet Studio Design Director Chris Whiteside attempted to talk a few fans off the ledge.

"Our goal is not to create a gear treadmill," White wrote. "Our goal is to ensure we have a proper progression for players from exotic up to legendary without a massive jump in reward between the two." He went on to say that PvP will be unaffected, and that the new stuff will be "available in both PvE and WvW over time, and be made available through all sorts of content around the world including existing content."

The full statement is available via the GW2 forums.

[Thanks to Ring for the tip!]

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