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Camera+ 3.6 adds flash for front-facing camera


A new version of Tap Tap Tap's Camera+ iPhone photography app is out today, bringing a lot of new features and some good tweaks to what was already a great app. Camera+ 3.6 is available now for previous purchasers, and for those who wonder what the fuss is all about, the app is currently on sale for US$0.99.

So what's changed? Probably the biggest addition is the Front Flash. No, they didn't figure out a way to channel light from the rear flash to the front; instead, the screen flashes white just as you're taking a picture of yourself. Next, there's a horizon level to help you take photos that aren't tilted accidentally. A line, which coincidentally happens to be one-third of the camera frame's width, shows when you have the camera nice and level for your perfect shot.

Advanced iPhone photographers are going to love Live Exposure, which provides live information on ISO, shutter speed, f/stop and more. You can see how these variables change as you set up your shot in Camera+. Live Exposure is also designed to give iPhone 5 owners a view of the scene being shot without viewfinder cropping. Live Exposure and the horizon level are outlined in blue in the blurrycam shot above.

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