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Hotspot Shield marks mobile anniversary, offers two-day giveaway


Dropbox isn't the only service celebrating a 100-million milestone this week; the desktop and mobile VPN service Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree is growing fast, and reports that it's passed the 100 million downloads mark for the PC and Mac product. The mobile version (reviewed here), launched one year ago for iOS and now also on Android, has made it past 3 million downloads and is growing by 20 percent per month.

Hotspot Shield is celebrating the mobile anniversary with a Twitter-driven giveaway for a month's service. You can check out the details here. I generally dislike the tactic of cluttering your Twitter timeline with tweets for free stuff, and the iOS app already comes with a seven-day trial -- but if you need a month to see if it's worth subscribing, go ahead. The giveaway runs through Saturday morning Pacific time.

The HS service does more than simply cloak and protect your Internet connection; it also provides data compression (very handy on mobile devices or slow connections) and filters websites for malware and other issues. Mobile service is available as an in-app purchase for US$0.99 a month or $9.99 a year.

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